Aquarius Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


Aquarius is the writer of their destiny, thus being dedicated to your work is a part of your personality. But, this should be kept in mind by you lovely Aquarius that at times your counterparts also need your attention though they understand your professional dedication. Moreover, this week is going to be filled with experiences that would fill your heart with humbleness towards others. Whereas, it is suggested to keep your spirit high and to stay motivated towards your ambition.



Aquarius, as you are passionate about your work and relationship. It’s high time to bring the same into your health because this week brings some health-related issues for you. You can feel a kind of nausea which is not a serious issue. But you are suggested to make exercises a part of your routine and you should also take care of your food habits. Whereas, the consumption of water should remain your priority.



The day is full of challenges for you dear Aquarius but your self-motivation, passion, and dedication are your life jacket today to sail through this. Whereas, it is suggested to you Aquarius to stay a mile away from any aggressive conversations because that is something that could result in unfair results. Moreover, keep holding to your basics and everything will pass because being an Aquarius it is your nature to stay true towards your work.



Aquarius, this day is coming with a box of mixed emotions for you. You might feel overwhelmed today. Your health and workplace experiences might bother you to an extent. But having faith in yourself is a part of your nature as per your zodiac. So you are not required to worry about anything or everything. Before the weekend ends, there are chances that you may get a chance to visit your old friend or you can even receive a call from him/her. This experience would fill you with blissful feelings and nostalgia.



Aquarius, your zodiac itself reflects the wanderlust in you but there are chances because of health-related issues you there are no plans for you related to traveling in store. But this doesn’t confine you because you are the lover of destinations and you might end up visiting certain places virtually which works as the cherry on the cake. So, there is no issue if you don’t have plans in store for you but the wanderer in you would always find the way out.



Colors of the day : White, Purple
Lucky Numbers of the day : 1, 3
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : S, P, U
Cosmic Tip : This too shall pass.
Tips for Singles : You are the gateway to endless possibilities.
Tips for Couples : Giving time to your partner would bring laurels to your relationship.

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