Cancer Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


This week you are going to walk down the path of spirituality. You will be experiencing inner peace and solitude which will help to stay calm. You will likely avoid the daily dramas of life which create chaos and emotional disbalance. This week, you will not be seeking love, rather love is going to seek you.



You may not be feeling completely confident about yourself. Therefore, it is wise not to engage yourself in new adventures as it might affect your health seriously. It is okay to have doubts about oneself. But rigorously pushing yourself towards something you are not sure of will be reciprocated by serious illness. Go for a long walk or meditate to improve your health.



It feels like you will be able to achieve your long-term goal. You will be successful in laying a strong financial foundation and security which you have been planning to do for a long time. You will not only establish a foundation but at the same time will also gain profits and additional rewards for your hard work and perseverance.



Your emotions will remain stabilized as long as you don’t end up hurting your beloved. Some difference in opinions between your beloved and you might trigger the bond between the two of you. Try to be more patient and subtle in your actions. Sweet words and compliments are going to be the go-to mantra for a happy relationship.



You might have to think twice before traveling this week. You will not only face hurdles while traveling, but at the same time, you might even encounter a misfortune. Try to avoid going for an adventurous trip that might put your life at risk. If you are willing to travel it will be better if you can manage some nearby places where you keep yourself distracted from the daily chaos of life.



Colors of the day : Burgundy, Brown
Lucky Numbers of the day : 6, 8
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : I, M
Cosmic Tip : Try not to get demotivated easily, express your love and concern towards your loved ones
Tips for Singles : Treat yourself with a homemade hearty meal
Tips for Couples : Give the necessary space to your partner.

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