Cancer weekly horoscope |27 Nov- 03 Dec


You will experience newfound strength in your relationship as all of the issues that you were facing will be taken care of by you. You are sure to experience the bond that will comfort you in this phase of your life. The bonds which you may have made with people will be stronger than ever before. You have to make sure that you maintain this friendly energy with you so that the bonds flourish with time. This is also the right time to make new bonds as the universe is in your favor right now.



This time is very good for your physical health as you may get a cure for your ailments. If you have not felt good about your health or if you are ill, this is the time where you will get back to your track. Make sure that you are not consuming something which is bad for your health. You have to take care by not being prone to diseases and make sure to stick to a healthy diet. Be sure that your health is taken care of by performing some exercises.



You will have a huge profit as all your money is coming back to you. This is a great time to achieve some target and celebrate about it. There will be opportunities where you may get a chance to increase your profit. There is a huge chance that your lifestyle will be upgraded. This is the best time where you can think about investments. However, do not unnecessarily spend on things that you don’t need. This will definitely lead to loss which you don’t want to have.



You will be filled with joy as you will reconnect with an old friend who will also become your business partner in the future. Luckily you will work from home if you say yes to this partnership. You will rekindle your old friends as well as enjoy the new bond which you have recently made. You will have lots of benefits if you take part in some online classes. This is how you will not go outside from your house but still, you will expand.



You will speak your heart out as you go out for a trip. You will make a lot of friends when you travel. Make sure you don’t travel alone but instead go with a bunch of people who have similar interests like yours. You will have a great sense of understanding with the new people whom you may meet on your way to your favorite destination. The best part of your travel is the journey, where you will have a great company with whom you will chatter all day. Make sure you are comfortable around the people with whom you share the journey.



Colors of the day : Orange, Green
Lucky Numbers of the day : 5, 9
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : G, R
Cosmic Tip : You have to take efforts to heal yourself
Tips for Singles : You will be in a relationship with someone special.
Tips for Couples : You may feel insecure in your relationship.

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