Capricorn Monthly Horoscope |December 2022


Expecting a life without problems only exists in your dreams. Stop being egocentric and face the reality this month. Life cannot be always roses, you have to get in touch with the thorns to get the pleasure of the roses. Do not crave attention, do such things that people automatically pay attention to you. You may get a hard time at love during the month because your ego is more important to you than anything else.



Your health will be amazing this month. Planetary placements are for the benefit of your health. No major health problems will be faced by you. Minor health issues may arise but if you overlook them then they can become a problem for you. Treat them with proper medical care and they will be cured in a few days. It is advised to keep a check on your stress levels to maintain your mental health.



There are rare chances of growth on the career front. The star alignment is not positive and it can prove harmful for you at the office. Do not get in any arguments with your colleagues and seniors as no one will support you. Your colleagues may try to demotivate you to hamper your performance. If you worry too much about their opinions then you will not be able to achieve any of your targets.



Things at work will make you feel undeserving and demotivated. Do not let it affect your personal life. Your partner may be very happy with you this month and give you a little surprise. So that is some positive news for you. Your health will also be good so you will feel energetic throughout the month. Do not waste your energy listening to the nonsense talk of your colleagues and associates.



It is advised to not travel anywhere this month as it will not prove beneficial for you in any way. The planetary arrangements will make your travel more but you have to stay where you are. If you go anywhere outside your city or country then it will only bring you harm. Traveling within your city may prove profitable for you. Your partner may take you on surprise dates this month.



Colors of the month : Pink, Blue
Lucky Numbers of the month : 7, 0, 6
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : V, M
Cosmic Tip : You have to work harder.
Tips for Singles : Do not let your ego control you.
Tips for Couples : Tell your partner how much they mean to you.




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