Capricorn Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


Alert for Capricorn be careful as you are prone to attracting troubles this week. Worries and anxiety will probably make you feel guilty owing to financial issues. You might face problems arising from financial borrowings from one of your associates. Although you will try to reduce your expenditure and focus more on saving, you will find yourself in a position where you will end up spending more than you expected to.



You need to give proper attention to your health this week. Financial worries and excessive workload will result in additional stress. You will be expected to handle difficult situations tactfully. You may feel lonely, which can affect your health significantly. Faith in yourself and an optimistic heart is going to be the key factors that you need to focus on.



Financial troubles will likely make you stressed out. You will need to give primary focus on your expenditures. You will realize that when in need of money your family and friends are going to turn their back against you. Therefore, you need to put up with a firm attitude as the week is going to be rough and handle your problems alone.



You will be facing emotional distress when it comes to your love life. Disappointment will engulf you if you expect your partner to love you intently. However, if you try to initiate an important conversation with your spouse, expect your partner to intensify the romance. If you can keep your ego under control your relationship will go smoothly.



It is not the best week to travel alone. You will be stressed with financial difficulties and a lack of support from your loved one. You are going to face serious criticism over the course of time during the week. You can expect to face hurdles while booking your flight tickets. If you have been wanting to take a break from the monotonous life this week probably is not the best week to make it happen.



Colors of the day : Violet, Black
Lucky Numbers of the day : 3, 7
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : E, L
Cosmic Tip : Patience is going to be the Key, Don’t get demotivated
Tips for Singles : Don’t take any kind of decision hastily.
Tips for Couples : Be more calm and understanding towards your partner.

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