Gemini Monthly Horoscope |December 2022


You are going to be the talk of the town. You are well known for your peculiarities and often give others the chance to speculate about you. But this behavior of yours is going to bring you fame, as you will be the most spoke person at parties and social gatherings. You are a versatile personality who is often admired and envied by others. This will help you draw the attention of important personalities who are going to bring in new opportunities for you.



Your health is going to be supportive of you. You will not face any major health problems. But don’t indulge in too many parties and junk food as it may bring in trouble for you. If you are under medication, consult with your doctor and adhere to that regulation strictly. Work pressure may make you feel stressed, but it is important not to get too burned out with your energy. Practice some light exercises and go for walks.



You will be receiving new opportunities which are going to bring in a lot of changes for you. You are going to work very hard to prove yourself to your seniors. Don’t be afraid as the results are going to be in your favor and success can be assured. There is going to be a decent increment in your income. This is an exceptional time to switch careers or jobs as you will be receiving very positive news.



You will be challenged by relationship problems. These issues need to be handled with care. Nurture your love with everything you have and try to be more patient. Miscommunications might take place between you and your partner which will distance you from your partner. Don’t rush into solutions and accept your faults.



It will be a brilliant month for you to travel. You have been working very hard for the last few months and this break is going to bring stability to your mental health. Don’t push your limits and just enjoy the sudden surprises which life has on hold for you. Engage in adventurous sports and go hiking or rock climbing or paragliding in your favorite destination.



Colors of the month : Blue, Sea Green
Lucky Numbers of the month : 7,9
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : A, R
Cosmic Tip : Engage in social activities as it will bring you fame.
Tips for Singles : Try to reconcile with your ex partner as they miss you.
Tips for Couples : Don’t be too aggressive with your words.

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