Gemini Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


You are the whole Universe in yourself, Dear Gemini. Being grateful for your inner self is one of the best features of your personality. This wonderful week would come with the end number of experiences for you. You would be filled with good vibes and positivity for the upcoming week. Gemini’ smile has the power to level up anyone’s mood and the same vibe you will be carrying with you for the whole week.



You may feel some headaches because of the hectic life you have been coping with for a long time. It is not a matter of much concern but it would be better if you take care of this issue to avoid anything serious in the bigger picture. It is suggested to increase the ratio of water you consume every day because water has holistic power to help you with your health and other related issues. Whereas, following your exercise routine would work as a cherry on the cake.



There is a higher probability that this week would leave a mark on your professional career positively. Moreover, it has so many opportunities for you all you have to do is to keep a keen eye on things you have been waiting for. This day for you Gemini can become a gateway to a bright future. All you have to do is to keep your self-esteem and passion towards your profession high and you would see the wonders happening.



When it comes to your emotions, so lovely Gemini you are at peace with your emotions. You have got stability in your emotions. Moreover, when it comes to this week, you Gemini would be full of joy and happiness because of your professional life whereas your personal life might hinder you a bit. One thing that you should keep in mind is that humbleness towards life is the highest virtue so stick to this thought and things will fall into place.



Dear Gemini, you people belong to that group that prefers to stay at peace and solace excites you. Thus, you don’t have many plans in store for traveling whereas it seems like that because of your profession you may have to travel somewhere. Moreover, it seems like that it would be the perfect business trip and this trip would add to your professional career for sure. So, even if you are not much into traveling, this trip could be a compulsion for you because of your dedication to work.



Lucky colours for the week: Green, Blue
Lucky numbers for the week: 1, 6
The lucky alphabet you will be in sync: A, P.
Cosmic tips: You are the origin of an unpredictable future. So, stick to it.
Tips for singles: There is a new romantic relationship approaching your life.
Tips for Couples: Sometimes, taking a step back could add so much to your relationship.

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