HORA: Plenetary Dominated Hours

What is HORA?

  • Hora, which translates to “hour,” is a unit of measurement. Each hour of the day is ruled by a different planet.
  • The activities we do are actually based on the planetary hour(Hora) that are in operation. Meaning, what hour is in operation.
  • If it’s 3 pm on Tuesday and you suddenly are in a energetic mood, or in the mood to hit the gym or do some sort of physical activity all of a sudden, the reason might be because of between 3pm and 4pm it might be HORA of Mars where Mars is at its strongest.


Why the Weekday?

• Have you ever wondered why you have weekdays? Who invented weekdays? Why is there Sunday to Saturday only? Why Monday comes after Sunday or why Friday comes after Thursday? We never ever think of such questions because we are just trained like robots to follow a system and not question it. If you questioned it you would realize why the answer is Vedic Astrology.

The Answer

• The answer to this riddle is Rishis/Sages.

• Our sages who were super scientists thousands of years ago assigned a planet to each hour of the day. But where do they start from? Who is going to be the 1st house? And when?

• What planet is known as the KING of planets? It’s the SUN. The day our sages decided that today when the sun rises in the east and the first light hits the horizon that hour would be the hour of the Sun; and since Sun rules the first official hour it will also rule the entire day. That moment it was decided that today is SUNDAY.


The Order

• Why then Monday came after Sunday? Is it because Moon is known as the queen? Very good observation.

• But NO! now because moon is the queen. The sages signed hours as followed. Since Sun ruled the 1st hour of the Sun rise which is honored to the king. Rest of the days will be signed to planets from fastest to slowest from the observation of earth. Since Moon is the fastest planet Moon is second is line. But how do we get to the moon after 24 hours?

• The sages assigned these planets per their hora after the sun.

• 1st hour of Sun rise was ruled by SUN

• 2nd Venus

• 3rd Mercury

• 4TH Moon

• 5th Saturn

• 6th Jupiter

• 7th Mars

• RAHU/KETU are not part of this hora system only the solid visible light bodies.

• If you keep reading this sequence for 24 hours then 25th hour will be Moon. The 1st Sunrise of the morning will be
of Moon so entire day is called Moon day (Monday). The 2nd hour will be Saturn followed Jupiter followed by Mars
followed by Sun followed by Venus followed by Mercury. With this sequence the 3rd day’s 25th hour would be ruled
by Mars for that is why Tuesday is after Monday.


Hora Chart from Sunday to Saturday

hora chart


Making Predictions

• Just by knowing the horas you can start making predictions.

• Observe, Observe, Observe. Start observing your activates and activates of your friends and family members. What are they doing at which hour and why and you will see the pattern sink in.
• This is also a great remedial therapy. If your spouse is angry at you on Thursday, which is the best hour to approach them to talk about a resolution? Well on Thursday we want to talk to our spouse during the HORA of
Venus: Which would be 9 am, 4pm and 11 pm.

• I made this slide during the HORA of Saturn on Friday at 4:00 pm and started filming the video for this the next hour which was the hora of Jupiter (Teaching). It’s simple and straight forward. Saturn is work/Karma and Jupiter is knowledge and Teaching.

• For people who are familiar with Vedic Astrology: You will notice how the hour is some how corresponds to the house the planet is placed of the HORA is placed in.

• You will also learn about what the planet means by studying the hour and its activates.


Characteristics Of Planets

• Sun – dealing with authorities, father, waking up, dealing with light, government issues, political news on TV, temples.

• Moon – food, emotions, travel, mother, milk.

• Mercury – social media, phone calls, emails, travel, information.

• Venus – wife, women, love, sex, movies and entertainment.

• Jupiter – teachers, learning, teaching, temples, dealing with manager.

• Saturn – work, labor, servant, tired, lazy, slow

• Mars – sports, action, anger, engineering, electronics.


How to find HORA

• Go to Google and type “Sunrise time” It should show you the sunrise time for the day in your current location, from that point on give the first hour to the day lord you are looking to study. If you are starting you studies today and today is Saturday (Saturn) then your first hour of the sunrise will be given to Saturn followed by the chorological order I showed. I do not recommend getting an app because I have seen them give wrong hora and timing which is off by 30 to 45 minutes and it can screw up your studies. Do this yourself starting from the sunrise time.

• Before I start the main courses I want you guys to practice this. when someone calls you see what hora is operating and what that call might be about. You will learn more about the planets this way then even me teaching you. This does not require any software, houses, signs, nothing. It’s you, the planet and the ambience around you.


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