Leo Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


Dear Leo, The time has come to harvest the fruits of your efforts. This week has come with better news for you. Though the week would start with some unexpected expenses by the end of the week, everything will come on track. You are suggested to take care of the direction in which your money is going. Moreover, it seems like you have been investing in things that aren’t worth it. But the time has come, when it all will end and the graph of growth is paving its way towards a hike.



It is a mixed week for you dear, Leo. You may feel all sound and healthy at the beginning of this week but your irregularities towards your food habits might cause you harm. It’s high time to take care of all these habits. Moreover, the issues regarding your health won’t last long and you would be fine by self – medications. You are highly recommended to take care of your fitness regime and balanced diet. The proper intake of water is suggested too.



Looking at this factor, I must tell you dear Leo that this week is filled with unpredictabilities. If you want to stay on track, you have to take charge of everything happening in your life. This week will itself bring opportunities for your present and future. Whereas, as the week would pass you will observe yourself adhering to the situations. Moreover, it is recommended to take care of your client commitments for the upcoming week, especially on the weekend. This week might change into a harmful tragedy if proper measures are not taken.



Like your other zones, here as well you are landing in a mixed zone when it is about your weekly box of emotions. The start of the week would be stressful because of the professional commitments you made for the week. Whereas the latter part of the week is quite relaxed for you and bringing with it the opportunities to meet an old acquaintance whose presence in your life would pace up things. It is also suggested to take care of your mental health primarily, this is something you have been ignoring lately.



As per your plans, there are no such trips which had been planned by you beforehand. Moreover, as per your personality, you love to be in the laps of nature and are open to evolving whereas you think travelling does it better. Hence, few trips are coming your way and the decisions related to them would be taken today which would be better news for you this week. So, keep your bags packed as many self-exploration journeys are coming your way.



Colors of the day : Green, Red
Lucky Numbers of the day : 6, 9
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : F, J
Cosmic Tip : Work hard, and watch how the doors of opportunity open for you.
Tips for Singles : Go on dates by yourself, and be comfortable in your own company.
Tips for Couples : Go for couple activities if you feel the bond is weak.

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