Pisces Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


For Pisces, it is the week when you look back and be proud of your achievement. The milestones you have reached in life Overcoming all the hurdles needs to be cherished and celebrated. Your thoughts are completely in alignment with your sentiment. This week you are going to feel positive and be revived with a boost of confidence. You may be thinking progressively about business expansion or may engage yourself in building an empire with a strong foundation for yourself.



There wouldn’t be any kind of exceptional changes with regards to health. You wouldn’t be required to deal with serious health issues. On the other hand, a feeling of enthusiasm will likely enlighten your mood. This will also help you to save some of your energy for a wonderful evening. You might be required to have a check on your diet.



It is not the hard work that you put will be recognised. Rather, it is going to be your smart work which is going to make you shine. You will be dealing with intricate problems and your witty sense of application will be highly appreciated. Be prepared to get an appraisal at your work.



It is an extremely favourable week for the lovers. Get ready to be pampered by your loved one. Your love life is going to be interesting with a peaceful bright warm week outside and in each other’s arms. However, you will be required to be patient as the outcome is going to be phenomenal.



A very positive week for you to travel. Take the leap of faith and book the tickets. This week is the week to make your dream come true and pamper yourself with the much deserved break which you have been eyeing on. Prepare yourself for a fun little adventure and a mindblowing getaway with your beloved.



Colors of the day : Yellow, Blue
Lucky Numbers of the day : 4, 8
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : C, V
Cosmic Tip : Let go off the boundaries, Accept and Carry On
Tips for Singles : Enjoy the moments as they come
Tips for Couples : Plan a surprise romantic dinner for your partner.

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