Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


Dear Sagittarius, you are the centre of attraction among your peers. Thus, you are always surrounded by many people but this is not the complete truth because you don’t tend to open your heart in front of many and that may lead people to think you are proud and introverted. But, this is the time to end all your worries as such because it is predicted that you have a person walking into your life who would understand you the way you are and accept your flaws and paint your life.



Dear Sagittarius, the week has got better plans in this department. Because it’s been a long time that you have been facing issues related to your health but the day would put immense energy in you which in return would make you feel better. Although it may be possible that the elderly Sagittarius can face issues like joint pain and back pain so it is recommended to them to take care of themselves and their food habits.



Well, talking about your profession, lovely Sagittarius, it must be said that it is high time to harvest your ripened crops. Hence, there are so many opportunities to plan their ways to you so be open to changes and your evolution. Although, it may be possible that the changes about which I am discussing could take some time to happen. Therefore, patience is the solution to every confusion coming your way.



Dear Sagittarius, this week has got mixed emotions for you lovelies. As being part of your nature you tend to feel confused about the basic decisions of your life. Moreover, this habit puts you in the situation of being anxious about your decision. But you are great with handling your emotions. That is also the reason for you to not worry about this much. Whereas, it is suggested to be sure about your emotions as being Scorpio you tend to ignore your emotions and end up in a state of disorder.



Dear Sagittarius, being wanderlust is the most important quality of your life. Thus, you have a great trip in store for you. There are chances of planning your visit with someone whom you admire a lot. Moreover, it can be concluded through the patterns, that such trips are waiting in abundance for you in a bigger picture. The trip would be admired for the solace you will be achieving while travelling across the globe.



Colors of the day : Green, Red
Lucky Numbers of the day : 7, 5
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : V, S
Cosmic Tip : You are the reason for your solace. So, keep enjoying it.
Tips for Singles : A relationship is approaching you.
Tips for Couples : Taking care of each other will help you ace through the journey.

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