Scorpio weekly horoscope |27 Nov- 03 Dec 2022


You may have to work very hard as opportunities come for you. It may be difficult but through your consistent efforts, you will achieve your goals. There is a chance for you to stay still if you don’t move, make sure that you put your hundred percent effort into everything you do. There can be progress only when you plan your work ahead of time as that planning will be fruitful for you. There are multiple tools to create a suitable schedule that will help you to manage your work efficiently.



You will be healthy but you may have to take care of your overall health. There will be remedies which you will get for certain ailments which you have but don’t take your health lightly. There can be stress if your lifestyle is not proper and you can follow a fitness regime. This is the best time to take proper guidance about your health and fitness so you get completely relaxed. Make sure to follow a fitness plan and you will be good to go.



You may earn a lot of money. This is the right time to make investments. Make sure that you don’t hurry while making such a big decision. Take your time to think about your investment; chances are that you may invest in something huge. There will be some difficulty but gradually you will go through it. You will eventually receive clarity. Your investment will upgrade your way of living. Make sure that you don’t waste your time searching for some easy money on any website.



You will not shy away from speaking your truth. You will have enough courage and strength to say it out louder. It is advisable to not miss any important social events as they may strengthen your bonds with people. You will be full of joy when you meet people of your similar interest or those who belong to your stream of work. They will not drain away your energy and you might gain important information about your field. You have to make sure to create good bonds with them.



You are known for your luxury and your travel plans are similarly luxurious. Those who wish to explore should not go with you as you have already planned your destination. Those who come with you will surely receive the fruit of your management skills. You will spoil yourself with all the luxury instead of opting for some difficult trips. You will spend extra on your travel and stay to make sure that you get the best out of your trip.



Colors of the day : Golden, Red
Lucky Numbers of the day : 1, 9
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : L, Y
Cosmic Tip : Be open to the help which you receive from the universe.
Tips for Singles : You can try dating someone for a short period of time.
Tips for Couples : Give your partner a little bit of space.

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