Taurus Weekly Horoscope |04 Dec- 10 Dec 2022


This week has come with bundles of hopes and aspirations for you Taurus. Endless good vibes are making their way to you to fulfill your week with a lot of positivity. The week might feel hectic in the beginning but don’t lose hope as it is their access to bliss in disguise. Thus, for the week you would be energetic and dedicated to your work. People around you would persist, encouraged by the kind of energy you carry. Moreover, be prepared for the long week and the kind of opportunities this day has brought for you.



You would have some health-related issues this week and you might feel the urgency to run to the hospital at times but there is nothing to bother as there would not be anything serious because you being the nature of your zodiac sign is the follower of your fitness regime wholeheartedly and that is something which would help you to sail through issues related to your health as every time. Moreover, it is suggested to have a proper and healthy diet and ample amount of water by side.



This week has a lot of opportunities for you, it depends on you to identify them and use them to their fullest. Moreover, there are higher chances to receive the promotion letter in the latter part of this week so better be prepared for an improvement in your professional life. Moreover, I must tell you that you are harvesting the fruits of your hard work. So, hesitating from the acceptance of what you deserve is not even an option on the list.



You will be the source of positivity all around. Thus, this would fill your heart with immense happiness and the feeling of joy. Whereas, you can feel somewhat stressed because of your health but it is suggested to not feel so. Taurus who are single have a higher probability to meet their romantic partners this week which would make them feel grateful towards life. You can even get a chance to meet your old friend to whom you have been missing for a long time.



It seems that Taurus have been planning to visit their favorite destination for a long time, which could be beaches, mountains, or deserts. Well lovely Taurus, I have great news for you because this may be the time to bring your plans to life. This could be a vacation with your partner, friends, or family but one thing is for sure this trip is going to be one of the best trips of your life and will help you to increase your work-life productivity to another level.



Colors of the day : Green, Yellow
Lucky Numbers of the day : 9, 4
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : T, M
Cosmic Tip : Your musings are your biggest asset. Listen to them!
Tips for Singles : Enjoy your company things would fall in their places when it’s the right time.
Tips for Couples : Having belief in each other is everything.

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